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This program is for those that want to excel in fitness BUT also in their personal and professional lives.

It is incredibly hard to be a full time athlete - It requires long hours of training and just as many hours of dedicated recovery.

As a business owner and strength coach I found it very hard to train, recover, grow professionally, have a social life, and cultivate relationships. I realized that I was trying to do it all but getting frustrated because I couldn’t … the classic balancing act spinning all these plates, trying not to drop any of them, while also never really fully accomplishing any of them. Sound familiar?

Well, I told myself “F that”.

I changed my mindset and set out to EXCELL IN ALL AREAS! The biggest change I had to make was consolidating and scheduling my training time. Long sessions with multiple pieces were sucking up valuable time from other areas. I shortened my training sessions and gave myself 90 minutes to get through my entire workout. I knew that if I couldn’t fit it in under 90 minutes it wasn’t going to happen. This forced me to be efficient with the time I had and to make the absolutely best of my 90 minutes. 

Guess what?

I was able to give more time to the other areas in my life and I DIDN’T LOSE ANY FITNESS. Actually, I consider myself more fit. I can definitely feel the difference and I’m certainly more healthy.

The moral of this story is….

You can be an athlete
You can have a career
You can have a family

This program is written for….

Anyone who wants to train general physical preparedness
Anyone who enjoys training but has a very busy schedule
Anyone who has access to gym equipment

Please be aware...

If you are new to fitness or just beginning CrossFit, I do not suggest this program (YET). This is ideal for the intermediate to elite athlete. New athletes will benefit first from in person and coach led sessions. Search for a CrossFit gym near you. 

This New Program Has Been Tested By...

  • A very successful CrossFit affiliate for the past 7 years — with a wide range of athletes that have tested these workouts
  • Myself, the coach — I have been consistently following this 90 minute version for 1 year
  • Tactical populations — special response teams that have limited time to train but need to be prepared for the unknown
  • Countless personal training clients — the sacrificial lambs whom have been the first to take the workouts on and provide feedback 

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About Coach Street

  • Master in Science, Nutrition and Food Science
  • Bachelor in Science, Exercise Physiology
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator
  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
  • CrossFit Affiliate Owner, CrossFit Shoofly