Everyone who does CrossFit starts with a foundations class. Foundations is a beginner course that lasts one month. This class moves at a slower pace and is all about learning how to properly move and safely complete the foundational movements of fitness. This course is a requirement for anyone starting a fitness program for the first time or if it has been a long time since they were physically active. Foundations is a small group class that allows the beginner athlete an opportunity to get individualized attention and gain confidence before being in a larger class.

You will need to schedule 6 sessions one on one with a coach in your first two weeks. The last two weeks we will integrate you into the class. 

Foundations cost is $200 for 4 one on one sessions and two weeks of full CrossFit classes.


We will schedule your 6 private sessions during your first two weeks and then you are able to attend any CrossFit class for the next two weeks. 

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